June 12, 2018 Hurricane Ivan Pt. 2


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Hurricane Ivan Pt.2

Many people don't know, but actually my hometown was the first settlement ever in the United States. The Spanish settled there in 1559, but it was completely destroyed by a hurricane and then abandoned for a while.  That's why St. Augustine is now considered America's first city.

Pensacola seems to be a magnet for hurricanes, and we get them every year.  Tropical storms form in the Caribbean Sea, and then come into the Gulf of Mexico where they pick up speed and turn into hurricanes.

September is the peak time for hurricanes.  It is also when school begins.  The first month of school was always cancelled for a few days every year due to hurricanes.  Usually, telephone poles would fall down, as well as signs, and we would lose power. People would go to the hardware store and buy plywood and masking tape to cover their windows.  I wonder why they don't have storm shutters like they do in Japan. But, usual hurricanes didn't bring much damage until Hurricane Ivan.

To be continued....

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