June 24, 2018 Running


I don't like to use the word, "jogging". Jogging sounds too easy. When I go running, I run hard. Sometimes I pass other people.  Sometimes I pass people on bicycles.. Sometimes people pass me.  I learned to never judge people.  For example, if someone is slow, it might be because they have been jogging a long time already. If someone is fast, it may be because they just started.

Life is the same; don't you think so?

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  1. Impressive POV !!
    Learning something not at the desk but through
    own senses ... like in running
    Made me feel like running .. thanks !

    1. I think I learned it from Japanese people. Things like tea ceremony, Aikido, Shodo, etc., has taught me that one can learn a lot by simply doing things instead of focusing solely on the results or goal. Hence, "The Way".

    2. Ummm, profound aspect!
      I do like to believe I can say the same thing on keeping studying English.
      Even though the goal seems still far far away .
      Actually the road to the goal gets widen and colorful, thanks Miami!