June 14, 2018 Congeniality

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Key Words and Phrases

-to be tired of something 飽きる
-change the subject 話をかえります。
-to tell you the truth 実は
-feminine 日本語がないみたい。女っぽいかな。。。
-undercover おとりそうさ

I was planning to continue my writing about the hurricane today, but to tell you the truth I am tired of that, so let's change the subject.


Yesterday, in the Miami Movie Class, we watched "Ms. Congeniality". The title is different in Japanese. I think it is called "Dangerous Beauty". Anyway, movies are a great way to study culture.

Congenial - pleasant, charming, agreeable 気心の知れた;なごやか

In the movie, a typical American woman who is opinionated, rough, and not so feminine must become congenial because she is an FBI agent who must go undercover.

I think that Japanese people are very congenial. American people are more friendly, but less agreeable.

What do you think?

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