June 6, 2018 Wonder


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It looks like the rainy season is finally here.  Today I wore my raincoat, but I noticed on the train that no one else is wearing a raincoat.  I wonder why. なんでかな。。

"Wonder" is a word that is similar in meaning to "かな。。。”.
Here are some examples:

I wonder if it will rain again tomorrow.

I wonder if Mr. Tanaka will come to class today.

I wonder who is the person who ate the cake.

Megumi is enthusiastic about English. I wonder why.

I wonder what I should do for lunch today.

I wonder when I will be fluent in Japanese.

I wonder if anyone is reading my blog.

That's all for today.  Why don't you leave a comment with your own sentence using "I wonder.."?
Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Mr.Miami keeps writing short story every morning.
    How many sorces he has, and where they come up from like fountain.I wonder. It must be because he is a Alien!

  2. I challenge to make sentence using “I wonder“.
    I wonder when I will be able to enjoy a conversation in English with my teacher and my classmates.
    I wonder if I can speak English well with good pronunciation, some years from now.
    That is all.

  3. I wonder what Ms. Hope's secret identity is...but it is a nice name. Don't worry, this well is far from drying up! I wonder if Ms. Keiko knows who Ms. Hope really is. I wonder if they are both in cahoots with each other.

  4. Hi Jhon.
    Your expectations are not correct. I don't know yet who Ms. Hope is. I wonder.

  5. I wondered what ‘ in cahoots with’ mean .
    Mr. Google answered to me .