June 7, 2018 The Corner of my Eye

Image result for i see uクラスありますよー。

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Key Phrases
1. to the left of me  私の左
2. from the corner of my eye 1の目のコーナーから
-If you see something out of/from the corner of your eye, you see it but not clearly because it happens to the side of you:

3. a student of mine 私の生徒を一人
4. it turns out that.... ?
5. I wonder...かな

There is a woman sitting to the left of me on the train.  From the corner of my eye, I think she might be a student of mine, but I'm not sure.  I don't want to look directly at her because if it turns out that I don't know her, she might think I am a strange man.  If she is a student of mine, she might think I am rude for not saying anything to her.  Maybe she can see my computer as I am typing this.  I wonder...

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  1. From the corner of my eye ... 視野の片隅に
    ... だと文語的? よく使う表現は「横目で」かしら。あるいは「ちらっとみえた」anyway , from the corner of my eye is really visual expression . In English there are many phrases and idioms appealing visually, I think . Miami is
    always in the corner of my mind ... I should say center ? Haha “ I can feel you in every corner of my heart” .... 気持ちわるいですね、ちょっと

  2. Thanks for your comment, Yaeko. As for related phrases, we can say "the back of my mind", and "the bottom of my heart". You can find one of those phrases in this Stevie Wonder song...https://youtu.be/lJb1ssF7040