June 17, 2018 Japanese Train Culture

Today's lessons will be held on the 11th floor in room B.

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Japanese Train Culture

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Key Words and Phrases
collapse 倒れる
expression 表現
strong and healthy 丈夫

Sometimes I think I should write a book about Japanese Train Culture.  It seems like there is a different world inside the train. People's manners, actions, expressions, are all so interesting to me. For example, I always wonder when I should give up my seat for someone.  Sometimes there is an old lady with white hair standing in front of my seat, but she looks very strong and healthy, so I decide to let her stand. On the other hand, sometimes in the evening there is a young business woman (OL) standing in front of my seat who looks like she is about to collapse from over-work, so I decide to give up my seat for her.

More on this topic another day. For now, adios! Have a super day!

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  1. I am looking forward to the first book of yours. Amino! Por favor gozalo. Adios, hasta luego.

    1. School master is also a writer? I didnt know that. What a multi talent owner he is! God is unfair!

    2. Muchos gracias, Keiko. Como va todo? I will put you on my pre-order list, lol. Vamos! btw, I don't know how to make upside-down question marks with my keyboard.

    3. HOPE 2. Among my many other talents are; walking and chewing gum at the same time, patting my head while rubbing my tummy, and dancing like it ain't nobody's business. lol

  2. If that young lady didn't drink at all,she must have been really exhausted with work or been sick.Your behavir is fairy gentlemanship.What we have to keep in mind is we do tend to judge others by his /her outlook or apearance.In general,we want to look young and cheerful for age .That old lady might have pretended to be staut for her age.Your giving up your seat must have not meet her desire, on the contrary, it might have hurt her pride. Man is prone to be more tender for young beautiful lady though.Joking aside,I look foward to next episode like,eating something noisily, or wearing make-up in busy train ,speaking loud in front of my face,as if nobody is not there,etc .And also I want to know how huge differences of manner in the train,btw US and Japan.

    1. Let me correct my mistake. Please delite "not", 2 line from the bottom.

    2. No, no, no. No deletions, sorry. Mistkes are mandatory on this blog.
      Thank-you for your comment. Yes, I know what you mean about people's pride. It is also frustrating when I do give up my seat and then the old lady says, "no, no, no". So, I learned that when I want to give my seat to someone, I just get up and move to another car. However, sometimes I don't because I see a fat lazy businessman standing next to the old lady, and I know he is waiting to squeeze his butt in my seat the second I get up.
      As far as comparisons, I'm afraid I don't know much about trains in the U.S., as my hometown doesn't have any. We just hitch-hike. lol.