June 13, 2018 Hurricane Ivan Pt. 3


Hurricane Ivan pt. 3

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Hurricane Ivan was different from other hurricanes because the eye of the hurricane hit my hometown directly. The eye is the strongest part of a hurricane. My family and I went to a shelter on the Navy base. It was a strong building with no windows.  I felt like we were in a war.  The lights went out, everyone was scared.  We could hear tornados outside. They sounded like heavy trains.  We listened to the local news on the radio, but suddenly the stations went silent when the radio towers were destroyed by the tornados.  The next morning when we went outside, I was very surprised.  It looked like there had been a big battle.  Cars were overturned. There were big holes in other buildings. Roofs had been torn off.  Big trees were scattered all over the road. They looked like they had been snapped in half like toothpicks.

To be continued....

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  1. I am sorry to bother your serious topics being continued.I am not your student ,but I am interested in your blog,since I found it about a month before.For me, this seems to be a kind of correspondence lesson for free.I beg your purdon me to keep reading it.I am really enjoying exchanging comments between you and your students.Further more,I have to say how nice your Japanese is.You are amazing.At the same time, your almost correct Japanese reminds me of the embarrassment about my English skill staying still in plateau for long time.How long have I been still learning ? I would like to lose my track.
    There is one thing on my mind.You seem to be a little tired of this work.A few days former blog makes me feel that way.I hope you keep going well.Good luck!

    1. Hello. Thank-you for your comment. I am happy to receive comments because they give me motivation to continue. You can leave comments anytime even if you are not a student. I will do my best to write about interesting topics! Have a terrific day!