June 26,2018 Whales!


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Whale Sightings

Did you hear the news? Killer whales were seen in Tokyo Bay.  I saw videos of them on YouTube.  They look very elegant jumping around in the water. The Japanese Coast Guard was called to protect them from other ships.  I'm worried that a boat might hit one of them.  Is it normal for whales to be in Tokyo Bay?

Speaking of whales, here is an interesting idiom you might like to know:


a whale of something
  • very big (piece) of something
  • exceptionally large of something
  • great amount of something often unusually done
  • It can be referred to anything that has been big, even fun time.
Example Sentences
  1. That birthday party was super fun, all the children had a whale of a time there.
  2. The story book was a whale of fun.
  3. In Bollywood they generally make a whale of a movie. It encompasses song and dance sequences too.
  4. To say no to this party would be to refuse a whale of time. It has amongst the best food and drinks in the region.
  5. How could she have such a whale of a time at the movies when her son is so far away?
  6. He completed this whale of a task all by himself. Everyone in the office was surprised, including the boss.
  7. There is a whale of a difference in calling someone their friend and treating them like that.
  8. This picnic spot can be enjoyed thoroughly only if you are here with your family and have a whale of a time to spend here.
OriginA Whale of something is to mean big of something, based on the size of the Whale. The origin of this phrase is unavailable.
Source: theidioms.com

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  1. Dinamic and elegant jumping . Beautiful !!
    But he/she was strayed from the mates which is heading up for north to look for their food , sardine around this season , they said.
    I hope the whale can catch up with the folks safe and sound .

  2. I think it is a little ironic because Japan is always blasted in the U.S. news about killing all the whales, and now the Japanese Coast Guard is protecting them. I bet no one in the West is reporting that fact.

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