January 10, 2019 Don't tell me I'm getting fat!

クラスありますよー。😀1月 14日 は休みです。 
Please study English at your home on that day..

Don't tell me I'm getting fat!

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New words & phrases:

  • Considerate
  • gain
  • direct
  • weight

Let's get started!

Japanese people are always so polite, maybe some of the most polite people in the world.  They are always considerate of other people's feelings and are careful with the words they choose.  However, one thing that surprises me is how Japanese people can so easily say "You're getting FAT", or "You got fat"!  It sounds too direct.  In English, usually people will say "Oh, it looks like you have gained a little weight." or "Have you put on some weight?"  I think it sounds a little softer.

After the holidays, have you put on any weight? コメントを残してください。

Have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day!

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2 件のコメント:

  1. Goooooood morning, MAIAMI😊

    My entire extended family gets together to celebrate the New Year.
    at that time,Everyone's saying it.
    Hello , how have you been, gotten fat lately?!
    I'm used to being in such an environment.You might think it strange, but..that's greeting
    weird japanese culture hahaha(^^)

    Have a wonderful wonderful wonderful day!!

  2. Really? That's funny. But I think it is kind of ironic because to me, everyone is skinny! (Except for the SUMO wrestlers, of course!