January 26, 2019 Pin Drop


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New words & phrases:
  1. pin
  2. unpleasant
  3. leaking out
  4. considerate
  5. noticeable
Pin Drop

When you are in a place that is so quiet, you can use this phrase:  "It was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop". One reason I like riding the train in Japan is that it is so quiet. Even though there are many people, it is so quiet that you can hear a pin drop. However, it also makes unpleasant sounds much more noticable.  Sounds such as coughing, sneezing, etc. Does it bother you when someone sitting next to you is listening to loud music and you can hear the sound leaking out from their headphones?  I don't mind that small sound, but what I don't like is when 2 people are talking as if no one else is on the train. They are not considerate at all. I think I am turning Japanese, ha ha ha.

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  1. New words &phrases :

    1. Pin 針 (ピン )

    * can (could) hear a pin drop

    2. Unpleasant ( adj 形容詞) 不快な• 嫌な

    3. leak out 漏れる

    4. Considerate (adj) 気遣いのある• 思いやり

    5. Noticeable (adj) 人目を引く• 目立った
    スペル、発音 注意