January 20, 2019 The Cold


The Cold

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Are you ready for today's fantabulous English blog?

New words & phrases:
  1. In light of
  2. Working out
  3. Drenched

Let's get started!
In light of my last blog post about windsurfing, I have decided to change my attitude about the winter cold.    After thinking about it, maybe there are some good points about the cold.  For one, it makes working out (training) much easier.  After lifting weights or running in the hot summer heat, I would always be drenched in sweat.  Another good point is that I can enjoy being fashionable.  Since it is cold, I can wear different vests, scarves and jackets. Finally, I can see the stars at night and Mt. Fuji in the day very clearly.

How about you? What do you enjoy about the cold winter?皆のコメント聞きたいな!

Have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day!

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  1. 1. in light of 〜から照らしてみると
    2. Working out 筋トレ
    Exercise は広い意味での運動
    Work out は、ジムでする様なトレーニングを さすようです。

    3. Drenched (形) びしょ濡れの

  2. Thank-you Yaeko san!Remember, no PAIN,no GAIN! Maybe you have a lot of stress from learning English, so I think you will make many gains!

    1. As you know I like eating English .
      I like being surrounded by English .
      Sometimes I get stressed out from hard working ,especially when I just can’t digest them .
      But at the same time it’s my pleasure .
      What I don’t like most is losing morale for learning English. In other word, losing appetite...
      it’s my pleasure to translate your New English words in your blog to Japanese. I could learn a lot from checking
      those words in the dictionary.
      Thank YOU!

    2. As you know I like eating English .
      I like being surrounded by English .
      Sometimes I get stressed out from hard working ,especially when I just can’t digest English words ..
      However in a way it’s also my pleasure .
      What I’ m most afraid of is losing morale 士気for learning English. In other word, losing appetite...
      it’s all my pleasure to translate your New English words in your blog to Japanese. I could learn a lot from checking
      those words in the dictionary again.
      Thank YOU!

    3. It's ok. We all lose our motivation sometimes even when doing something we love. For example, sometimes I lose my motivation for running, but I can't use it as an excuse to give up. We have to keep on going. The motivation will come back. Keep up it up!

  3. This season, outside is very cold, isn't it? So I watch a lot of TV and have practice in hula for several minutes in a warm my living room every day. But I am not sensitive to the cold. Oh, I am very sorry John, I don't study English every day.

    1. That sounds nice. Is your living room decorated with pictures of Hawaii? That is an excellent way to spend the winter...and studying ENGLISH, of course!

  4. after storm ,comes a calm2019年1月20日 14:10

    I have a feeling now,if we feel huge stress for learning English, it must be because we stretch our back too high . we can spend ages to be tall enough to reach our aim with no stretch.in addition,we dont need to have a good command of English,thing is how to comunicate to others with simple ones.of cource it depend
    on each purpose though.

    1. I agree. Learning English can be a lifelong goal of learning to communicate with others. Well said!

  5. The most difficult phrase for me to translate to
    Japanese this time was “ thoughts cloud my mind”
    I found a song titled this . But to listen to that song I have to pay ...

    On a side note, I remembered a phrase, “on cloud nine” it means “extremely being happy
    or excited”
    But why 9 ?
    According to Mr.goole , in light of International Cloud Atras 国際気象図, the cloud 9 is a culumnimbus 入道雲•積乱雲.
    And this culumnimbus grows virtically highest
    In 10 (9)kinds clouds.
    So being on cloud 9 is being the top ..
    I have also heard ‘ be on seventh cloud’
    Mr googled gave me an answere .
    Seven comes from religious thing . They think there are 7 heavens , and 7th heaven is the best
    place where angels playing the harp.
    So be on cloud 7 is the same meaning as cloud 9 . But Because 9 is stronger than 7 numerically,
    pilots prefer 9 to use ... they started to use the phrase ‘ be on cloud 9’
    Interesting ! Behind words , especially idioms
    there are interesting cultures, customs and religious things .

    1. That's interesting. I never really thought about it. Why 9, indeed!

  6. I have heard that cloud nine is the phrase written in Dante's "The Divine Comedy". I'm sorry if I made a mistake. When I traveled to America, I found this phrase in a cartoon. And I memorized without thinking deeply.

    1. Really? I didn't know that. I'll have to check it out.

  7. Thanks for a good info, AKIKO-San .
    “La Divina Commedia” 神曲
    By Dante (13c-14c) ですね。
    I don’t have any knowledge about the book, but it’s a lo———ng epic poetry 叙事詩, isn’t it ?
    I ‘be just checked it out .
    It’s devided into three parts: Hell, Pergutry ( 煉獄)
    and Heaven . Narratively describes Dante’s journey through those three places .
    I don’t know how many heavens in this book until I read it . Reading ... i’ll pass on to Mr.John .
    Anyway cloud 9 comes from Dante’s .. it’s convincing !
    I wish I could go straight to one of those heaven’s without journey.

  8. Oh, nowadays some people say “ I’m on cloud 10”
    On another note : I love the phrase “ Every cloud has a silver lining”

    One of my forgettable scenes is ...
    a cloud I was watching in the afternoon when I was a kid , crouching down . I was fascinated by the beauty illuminated by the light behind the cloud.
    I wished the heaven was there .

    1. I like it when you have your head in the clouds.

  9. また、間違えました。
    Not forgettable but UNFORGETTBLE
    忘れられない, (風景)でした。

    ジョン少年: You must have been a boy with his head in the clouds, too . What were the boy dreaming?

    By the way I found out how many heavens dipicted in Dante’s. Akiko San, it was 9 .
    And the tenth is ultimate dwelling place of God .
    An article says ...
    “The idea that there are multiple heavens , however , is not the concept that originated with Dante. Various ancient sources including Bible
    and other early Jewish writings, speaks Multiple Heavens.”

  10. Yaeko san. Thank you for checking various. That became a phrase to understand and use.

  11. Thank U ! You always encourage me to go on studying.