January 29, 2019 Climbing Mt. Fuji Pt. 3

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New words & phrases:
  1. overslept
  2. trek
  3. eerie
  4. hazy
  5. drudge
  6. darn

Climbing Mt. Fuji Pt. 3
The view from the lodge was fantastic!

Journey through the clouds
Gate to heaven?

Made it through the clouds!

Looks like we reached the top!

When I finally woke up and got out of my futon, I had a big surprise.......

All of my friends with whom I had started out with were also here in the same room!  We all laughed and talked about how cold it was the night before and that we all overslept and missed the sunrise. I think it was around 9am when we awoke.

Two of my friends and I started off on our trek up the mountain again. Up ahead, it looked like fog, but then we realized that it was the clouds! Walking into the clouds was an eerie feeling. Before that, it was nice and sunny, and now everything was hazy and dark. I couldn't see the top of the mountain, nor the bottom. It just seemed to be an endless path with no end. Step by step we drudged on, still clutching to that darn hiking stick until finally the haze cleared and we made it through the clouds. We could see the top! We were almost there, just a little more way to go. However........

To be continued...

Have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day!

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  1. 1. overslept (v) oversleepの過去形

    2. trek (n) トレッキング• 山歩き

    ** 徒歩での難儀な 旅行• 集団での移住移動の意味もある

    3. eerie (adj) 非常に奇妙な• 薄気味悪い

    4. hazy (adj). 霞んだ• もやの多い

    5. drudge (v) こつこつと働く

    6. darn (adj•adv) damn の婉曲表現

  2. Good morning !
    Where is continued story ????
    About 富士山🗻trek?
    Can’t wait .