January 25, 2019 My Chair


My Chair


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Are you ready for today's fantabulous English blog?

New words & phrases:
  1. peek
  2. it puzzles me
  3. the nerve of her
  4. frozen
  5. disbelief
  6. standing there frozen in disbelief
  7. disrupt
  8. to give someone a mean look
Let's get started!

Every morning I go to Excelsior to read before going to work.  I try to get there when they open around 6:30. Sometimes I am the first person to arrive. I go in, I get my coffee and go to my favorite seat by the window. I like it because I can see the sun peeking at me from between the buildings across the street.  Usually, there is a woman sitting to the left of me playing games on her smart phone, and another woman to the right sleeping.  It puzzles me as to why she wakes up so early to go to the coffee shop and sleep. As for me, I've got interesting books to study and things to learn.

But today....TODAY....I get there a little late and find someone sitting in my seat!!!! The nerve of her!  Doesn't she know it's my seat?!? Can't she sit somewhere else?  She's probably not even doing anything important! After standing there frozen in disbelief for a minute or two, I chose another seat and sat down, another lady came to me and gave me a mean look. I think I was sitting in her seat.  Now the balance of the universe has been disrupted!  What to do????

*You may have noticed that even though this is in the past, I wrote this story using present tense. The reason is because this is a story.

Have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day!

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  1. New words and Phrases:

    1. Peek ( v ) チラッと見る• 隠れてこっそ
    ( quick and furtive look)

    2. It puzzles me それが私を当惑させる➡︎
    ( 今風に訳すと、わけわかんない)

    3. The nerve of her (him). なんて図々しいんだ
    What a nerve !

    4. Frozen 凍りついた
    # [アナと雪の女王❄️]の原題 ☺︎

    5. Disbelief (n) 信じないこと

    6. standing there frozen in disbelief
    信じられない思いで、そこに (固まって)立
    * 前置詞 in の用法に、状態や環境を表す, があります。[..といった様子で、思いで]
    in surprise / in excitement / in despare

    7. Disrupt( v ) 崩壊する

    8. to give someone a mean look

    * as to ... .[..に関して ]でいいですかー?
    as to why の使い方 , 例文調べてみないと! . as to は省略されることもあるようなのですが....

  2. Peek v.s Peep

    First I checked the differences between them .
    Here is which I found out .
    Peep means ... peek + especially through narrow opening 覗き穴のようなところから覗き見する
    And next I checked “ peeping Tom” 覗き魔which I first learned in a movie “Back to The Future” , in Japanese 出歯がめ . who is in 落語?

    Do you know the story of “Peeping Tom” ?
    It would be a long writing if I do .
    I’ll do another opportunity ...

    Hint is in a Logo for Godiva .
    It’s about Lady Godiva .

    Yeah, indeed she rides on horse in naked...

    Valentines’ Day is coming
    Usually I pass by the Godiva shop corner
    Just looking out of corner of my eyes .

    1. Good morning, Ms. Yaeko. I don't know the story of "Peeping Tome". I'm all ears!

  3. Good Sunday morning !

    Ok, I’ll challenge to tell the story about “Peeping Tom” like Lady Godiva took a big challenge with her honorable courage...

    The term stems from the legend of Lady (Countess
    伯爵夫人) Godiva .
    She was a noble woman who lived in the 11th century.
    The story goes that Lady Godiva was very upset
    over the heavy tax burdens which her husband
    Earl 伯爵Godiva placed on the poor people of Conventry , England. She did everything she could to get him to reduce the taxes. He finally grew tired of her pleas 嘆願 and decided to make a bargain 取引をする with her . If she rode through the town in naked coveted only by long flowing hair , he would grant her request. Lady Godiva accepted the challenge. Before her ride, she warned all of the town people to stay inside and close their shutters and doors. Only one man disobeyed her request and his name was Thomas,
    Tom. Peeping Tom tried to catch a glimpse of Godiva as she rode by , and where “ Karma” intervenes. カルマが介入しました。
    * カルマとは善、悪業への報い
    The legend says that Tom was struck blind by his misdeed 悪い行い

    While Lady Godiva rode proudly through the streets. She then returned to her husband , he ,
    true to his word 誓約どおりに, lowered taxes for the town .
    ——the end ——-
    The ride is still commemorate (clothed) in the city
    each year . There’s no longer the taboo , anyone
    can watch the parade ...

    It is said that peeping Tom part was made up later in 17th century , but Lady Godiva was a real figure .

    Maybe I should pass by Godiva shop with my eye closed . Because she is naked in the Logo .

  4. Yaeko san
    Thank you for providing easy-to-understand explanations and interesting topics.
    I'm looking forward to your comments.

    By the way,I don't know the details, but "出歯亀" was a real person (peeping, murder). Mori Ogai(森 鷗外)had written "出歯亀" in his literary criticism.

  5. Hi, John.I also have had a similar experience. So I feel like a story that really happened.

  6. Hello Mr.Early bird
    Did you get ‘Your Chair’ this morning ? lol
    You are hungry for knowledge and block out the time every day to read.
    That’s awesome!
    I heard before you read 3to4 books a month. You’re a real book worm .🐛

    1. Hello Milky san,
      Yes, I got my chair back. They should put my name on it, or they could just write "Miami" on the back, lol.
      I think reading is like exercise. It is something everyone must do.

  7. Thanks , Akiko San .
    I’m glad to hear you read my trivial comments in poor English .
    I have just started to worry about my explanations for English might disturb the readers ... but I’m releaved to see another Comments posted this morning .

    Next to Dante , now 森鴎外?
    Wow you know a lot of things , it’s your field , isn’t it ?
    I don’t think I can reach up to 鴎外、
    But i’m On the way.
    Yeah, as you say , 亀太郎commited a murder , and this case got very popular in Meiji era .
    Why ?
    Let me let you know the details later....
    see you in the class !!

  8. Today’s story “ My Chair” gets best II of my choice in your blog, ジョンさん。
    , I literally Laughed Out Loud 😆 alone in the kitchen.
    Your shock is really understandable, even though
    Your claim wouldn’t make sense at all.

    I have a same experience, but in my case
    I myself was a inocent intruder on the train.
    A pretty old lady got in the train and came straight up to my seat and shouted “ it’s my seat , young lady!” to me. I was totally puzzled. I didn't know What she was talking about . The seat was not the priority seat.... but she sounded so determined that
    I moved to another seat . There were lots of seats on the train . What a nerve she had . But for her I was an obstacle to distrust the balance of her universe.

    1. At least she said, "young lady" ha ha ha. Did you apologize and say "sumimasen"? ha

  9. More is better! Keep em comin! Bravo!

  10. Thanks to you , AKIKO San, I could get to know about 出歯亀事件 which happened in 明治時代。出歯亀was a nick name for a man
    who has buck tooth . He was a gardener and
    覗き魔。peeping Tom . He would peep at woman in public bath or somewhere like that .
    And finally he killed a woman on her way from a public bath. He was arrested, of course. And at his trial in court , his lawyer kept calling him , the accused , 出歯亀 instead of 亀次郎 again and again , finally 亀次郎 himself started to laugh and another attorney couldn’t help laughing as well.
    That trial was highly publicized in the newspaper. And a new word was born ,
    出歯る, means doing peeping Tom as a verb.
    And when 森鴎外 made fun of 自然主義文学
    Naturalism literature, he called that kind of literature デバガメ主義.
    However both , デバル、デバガメ主義
    are now obsoleted 廃れる

    I guessed that name came from 落語
    But that was wrong.
    出歯亀was a real figure .

  11. I don’t think I said sumimasen , if I said something just “ Hai はい”
    It was long time ago . IoI