January 11, 2019 Hollywood Showers

1月 14日 は休みです。 
Please study English at your home on that day..

Hollywood Showers

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New words & phrases:

  • potable water
  • equipment
  • shower head

Let's get started!
When I was in Navy Bootcamp,  we always had to hurry to do everything.  It was hard for me because I was a slow person.  We especially had to be quick when we took showers.  Actually, taking quick showers is very important on the ship because there isn't much water.  The ship actually has equipment to make potable water from seawater.  Anyway, in bootcamp there was a large room with 8 shower heads. Sixteen people would enter at a time. One person would step under the shower, get wet then step out of the shower while someone else  stepped in.  While waiting, the first person would them soap up and then step back in the shower while the second person stepped out to soap up.  The whole process took about 3 minutes.  Taking a shower for a long time was called a "Hollywood Shower".  Why Hollywood? I don't know. Maybe someone like Tom Cruise takes long showers.  

How about you? How long do you take in the shower? 5 minutes? コメントを残してください。

Have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day!
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2 件のコメント:

  1. Hello‼︎MAIAMI😊

    3 minutes‼︎ eye-opening⁉︎⁉︎⁈
    so busy shower time😂
    It's impossible🤣

    "Hollywood Shower" 笑
    Navy Bootcamp story is really interesting

    usually, Japanese people enjoy taking a bath for about half an hour to 1 hour

    I love taking a long bath as I enjoy a drink
    sometimes, put the bath salts to the sweet smell, sometimes bubble bath…and then
    singing loudly hahaha😁😁😁
    It's relaxing time for me
    I can't live without it😆

    won-won-won wonderful night⭐︎

  2. Wow, your bath time sounds like fun! Do you have a karaoke machine in your bath? lol

    Thank-you for your won-won-won wonderful comment!