January 8, 2019 Cookie

クラスありますよー。😀1月 14日 は休みです。 
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New words & phrases:

  • disappear
  • suddenly
  • realize

Let's get started!

After Skippy disappeared, it wasn't long before I got a new dog.  I think I was around 5 or 6 when my parents suddenly brought home the cutest little chihuahua.  He was so cute, just a baby and he could fit in the palm of your hand.  He was white with brown spots, so I called him, "Cookie".  Cookie was a good dog and grew up to be a little fat.

Sometimes Americans make a joke that if you look very sad, they will say "What's wrong? You look like your dog died."  Well, one day when Cookie passed away, I was 19 and I remember crying and crying and crying.  I couldn't stop.  I felt as if I had lost a brother. When I thought about that joke, I realized I could understand the meaning.   Just thinking about it now brings tears to my eyes.

Have you ever had a pet who felt like a family member? コメントを残して下さい。

Have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day!

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  1. I have had two dogs. The first dog was coming to our house when my elder son was 7 years old. She gave birth to a male dog. My family were very happy. But he had a disease of the kidney,so passed away five years later. She lived until the age of 88 in humans, and was awarded by Yokohama City. She lived until the age of 88 in humans, and was awarded by Yokohama City.

  2. Thank you for your comment Akiko. That is so sad that he only lived 5 years. 88 years in people years is how many in dog years? I heard that in Yokohama, dogs who live a long time can get a certificate from the city. I think that is a great custom because people's pets are people, too!

  3. Thank you for asking, John. She was 16 in dog years.

  4. I was always looking forward to watching U.S TV drama , ‘Lassie’ when I was a kid. I never missed the program on Saturday nights. Japanese title was 名犬ラッシー.
    First place, Keeping a dog inside house surprised me and other different customs from Japanese one made me grow some longings for the West.
    My family kept a dog outside. My father made a house for him , Taro . He put a plate on the house ‘
    Mr. Taro ‘ I walked him every early morning for long time , I would be fascinated by the morning
    fog ... I feel like it was yesterday. Thanks Taro.
    By the way I watched a movie ‘ Marley and Me’
    Jeniffer Aniston is in this film .

  5. Thank you for your comment, Yaeko san. By the way, what kind of dog was Taro? Yea, in America many people keep their dogs in the house, but it depends on how big the dog is as well as how big your house is. In English, there is a saying, "Dog is a man's best friend."

    You really like Jennifer Aniston, don't you? Is she your idol? She is cute.

  6. He was mutt . We were asked to keep the dog by a neighbor when they move somewhere. The husband was a USnaval officer. His wife was Japanese and liked having pets inside.
    All Their cats and dog eventually move to our place. The cats names are Blacky and Kathy .
    The only time the dog was allowed to be inside house was shampoo time !
    He looked so happy and so did I .
    I buried my face into his hur and enjoyed the smell of shampoo and his . I still remember the smell .

    1. That's nice! So, your family ended up with 2 cats and a new dog? Many American people in the Navy want to bring their pets with them when they transfer to Japan, and take them back when they leave. I am surprised that they left them with you. What was the dog's name? was it JOHN? lol.

  7. Like you said Taro must have had original name the couple had named .
    When they got him he was a puppy.
    Since the wife worked somewhere day time
    She asked my mother to feed him and watch him
    . But the puppy cried once he was left alone . So the wife gave up to keep the puppy and we started to keep the puppy instaed.
    But my family thought that dogs were supposed to be kept outside around that time .
    Very first night , He kept whining even he was in the entrance hall which was one step lower .
    So I spent all night sleeping on the corridor watching him . Somehow I was kind of excited .
    Boy... those were the days ..
    how many pets did I have ?
    In between Kathy , Blacky , Taro , we had a cat named Maro.
    That cat was special for us .
    My mother loved the kitten at first sight .
    She definitely a cat person .
    the kitten had pretty long fur and character was mild and had some class.
    His moving was kind of elegant .
    We also kept birds in a cage . 手乗り文鳥
    But Maro never showed interests in the birds.

    My home school teacher used to say ...
    He would be releaved once he saw some pets in the house when he visits pupils family .
    Once a year home teacher in elementary school
    Visited each student’s places.
    We call it 家庭訪問.

    1. That's a nice story, Yaeko san. I am starting to see your soft side. Good job!

  8. Jennifer Aniston ... tell the truth, until when I saw her in a movie ‘ the subject of my affection’
    I hadn’t paid so much attention to her.
    I happened to see her in the movies two days in a row. Another one was ‘ Marley and Me’
    I used to like Meg Lian , but she rarely shows herself in movies lately.
    In some dramas , both characters are dipicted natural , cheerful ,
    And try to be true to themselves...
    and thoughtful to other people , try not to lose their spirit to go forward .
    Yes, I like her , I could say she is an idol for me for now .

  9. Haha, then do I look so hard covered ? 📘
    Thanks anyway.

    1. Better than being a flimsy paperback! Then again, I prefer e-books.