January 9, 2019 Strange order

クラスありますよー。😀1月 14日 は休みです。 
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Strange Order

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  • New words & phrases:
  • foreign load words
  • cashier
  • salad
  • tendency

Let's get started!

Last night after work, I decided to go to McDonald's.  I ordered the same thing I usually get, 2 Big Macs with a side salad and a water FOR HERE.  I always speak Japanese when I order, but foreign loan words like restaurant and Starbucks and Big Mac are very difficult for me to pronounce because I have a tendency to pronounce them as they naturally are in English.  I was tired when the cashier repeated my order back to me and I wasn't really listening. I was shocked when I got my order. Two teriyaki burgers with a side salad and water TO GO.  Is my pronunciation that bad??? How does "Big Mac" sound anything like "teriyaki"????  Anyway, I was hungry and tired, so I just ate it as I laughed to myself.

Are Japanese words difficult for you to pronounce in English? コメントを書いてください。

Have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day!

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2 件のコメント:

  1. Hahaha( ◠‿◠ )!That's hilarious‼︎‼︎ "BIG MAC" "TERIYAKI"
    They are totally different(゚∀゚)Your japanese pronunciation is amazing������������The clerk must have been tired and hungry.(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)"McDonald's" "Starbucks" "Under Armour"...foreign load words are really difficult for me to pronounce\(//∇//)\

    1. Hello, Banana san! Thank-you for your comment! I like Under Armour! Have a nice day!