Now - Mr Bean

Just went to theファミマ to get my breakfast and I met Japanese Mr Bean! There's a guy who works there and looks just like Mr. Bean! I can't understand anything he says either.

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  1. Which ファミア is that?

    1. It's the one across the street on the 2nd floor next to RIGHT ON. Just go in, ask for Mr. Bean and try not to laugh.

  2. 😆WOW‼️japanese Mr.Bean 🤔
    It's big surprise, wonderful see him😍👍🏼

    stretching his face, at that time😁?
    Did he make you laugh😆?

    Mr.Bean is like a Chaplin✨
    and then..
    Mr.Bean and Mr.カルロスゴーン🚗
    are very alike😆
    Don't you think so too😉?

  3. Hello, Banana san...Yes, he made me laugh when I heard him speak because he talked the same way. He also moved the same way and was kind of goofy. Usually, the clerk asks me if I want my bentoo heated up, but he didn't ask me. I had to say "please heat it up for me". I wanted to take his photo, but I thought it might be kind of rude. He is a dead-ringer for Mr. Bean.
    You are right! Mr. Gohn looks like Mr. Bean, too! He is a rich bean, ha ha! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Hello , Banana-San , now that you mention it, 言われてみれば、Carlos Ghosn looks like
    Mr. Bean !
    I hope he learns more smiling behind the bar.

    1. Do you agree? ha ha. I wonder how many people think Ghon looks like Mr. Bean! The headlines should read. BEAN IN JAIL. NO MORE COFFEE FOR NISSAN MOTORS! ha ha ha ha ha I made myself laugh.

  5. good afternoooooon Miami😊💕

    He's kind of goofy and that makes you fun
    Hey!hey!hey! we'll go see him 😊

    hahahaha🤣🤣🤣rich bean ✨that's a nice naming👍🏼

    You always post such great blog!
    Thanks for always making me smile☺️
    I love your blog❤️

    1. Hello. Many oranges enjoy reading my blog, but I am happy that Bananas enjoy reading it, too! Mr. Bean should go work at Starbucks! ha ha!

  6. That made me laugh, too!
    I almost spilt my coffee , Oops !
    Banana San , Mr. Rich Bean made my day !

  7. Dead-ringer , I thought that word was not used anymore. I learned it first in a movie Roman Holiday . Since then I haven’t come across . At Miami TV class we learned a term ‘ spitting image of ...’ in ‘Notting Hill’
    The meaning is the same , そっくりさん、うりふたつ.

  8. What did Mr.Bean say when someone asked him how many coconuts are in Hawaii?

    "I don't know. I've never beAn there."

  9. Took me one minute to get the joke!
    It’s a good one ! 座布団一枚!
    But I’m confused now which Mr. Bean ?
    ファミマBean? That Rich Bean? Or original one ?