January 27,2019 Climbing Mt. Fuji Pt. 1

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New words & phrases:
  1. destined to do something
  2. signed up
  3. split up
  4. oxygen canister
  5. set out on...
  6. mountain hut (lodge)
  7. bottleneck
  8. shiver

Climbing Mt. Fuji Pt 1.

Crystal clear, cold sky
The heart of Japan calls me
From under the snow

Oh, the biting cold
Doesn't even bother her
Always strong, always

When I first came to Japan one of the first things I wanted to do was to climb Mt. Fuji. It is said that if you leave Japan without climbing Mt. Fuji then you will be destined to return.  I signed up to go on a tour with a few of my Navy friends. We arrived at Mt. Fuji at about 9pm at night. The daytime was really hot, so we decided to start climbing at night so that we could watch the sunrise from the top. We got off the bus and set out on our journey. Since everyone walked at a different pace, we split up and began our climb separately.  From station 5, the climb started rather easily.  I bought a tall wooden hiking stick. At every station on the way to the top, we could get stamps on the stick. However, as the hike went on, the stick became heavier and heavier.  I started thinking that I wanted to throw the stick off the side of the mountain. As I got higher, at about station 7, I saw many people who were already tired and using oxygen canisters to breathe. There were bottlenecks along the path where it was really crowded.  This was my first time climbing a mountain, so I didn't think about the temperature or the air.  The higher I got, the thinner the air became, and the colder I got.  At station 9, I was freezing.  There was a mountain hut (lodge) there. It was only 5000 yen, but I only had credit cards and no cash.  I was sitting in front of the hut shivering and then......

To be continued!

Have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day!

8 件のコメント:

  1. 1. be destined to do something

    2. sign up (署名して) 参加する

    3. split up ( 集団が) 別れる

    4. Oxygen canister 酸素キャニスター、ボンベ

    5. set out for .... に向けて出発する

    6. Mountain hut 山小屋

    7. bottle neck 狭くなって渋滞するような

  2. I’m afraid I don’t have sense of poem
    I can’t translate them into Japanese ,
    But I appreciated very much.

  3. I hesitate to say ,but, this column looks like the forum between Mr john and his asistant,just like that.I know what makes me say so.That is nothing but my envy with a little jealousy.I wish I could write down on and on what comes to mind.

    1. Thank-you for your comment. What do you mean? Is it too long? Is it too difficult? I can make future posts shorter, if you like. Please let me know. Thank-you.

    2. I am sorry you feel that way . What I want to say is not about your message . Your blog always reminds us of fogetful our old virtue.I mean when we discuss our japanese modesty,before that,we should be more japanese-like .That is why I dared to name "less is more".I am getting mixed up.I hope someone understand me. Let me finish my stupid story . Thank-you for reading in busy time

    3. Yes, Japanese culture is difficult for foreigners to understand, I think. I am still studying....

  4. Sometimes I feel I learn my own country’s value of
    culture, virtue , arts whatever from foreigners ,
    and from their sincere, serious attitude to study I could appreciate how much precious thing we have.
    Sometimes we can’t see well our own country
    Like we can’t see ourselves without mirror.

    1. There is a saying "A fish cannot see the water it swims in." I understand what you mean. I feel the same about my own country. I have learned a lot about American culture by learning about Japanese culture. It is a kind of mirror. Sometimes, I am embarrassed as well when Japanese people know more about American history, movies, culture than I do.